16-bit VB 4.0 app slow accessing linked SQL Server tables 
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 16-bit VB 4.0 app slow accessing linked SQL Server tables

We have a 16-bit VB 4.0 app which uses an Access 2.0 database. Some of
the tables in the Access database are linked tables from a SQL Server
6.5 database.

The application performs adequately on most machines, but we have one
computer in particular in which the program runs 2 to 3 times slower
than on all the other machines.

We've done some testing, we've written a 16-bit test program in C++
using Visual C++'s ODBC database classes. When run against the SQL
Server database it does not peform any slower on the problem machine.
The same when run against a normal Access database. However, if we use
an Access database where the tables are linked, it too runs more slowly
on the problem computer.

So we think the problem is not with VB itself, but something to do with
Jet when dealing with linked tables. We've checked all the Jet dlls and
everything seems the same on all our computers.

We'd be interested to hear from anyone who could shed light on this


Mon, 29 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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