Commit and Rollback 
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 Commit and Rollback

In VB6 must you insert the standard commit or rollback commands after a
delete or insert command.
For example:

'Create the DupOrder delete command
    sqlDelete = "Delete from duporder where order_nbr='" & ttlOrder &

Set comDelete = New Command
                 With comDelete
                 'Use the active connection
                     .ActiveConnection = cn
                     .CommandText = sqlDelete
                 End With

With this routine, should I insert a COMMIT command after the .Execute
or maybe on the second line of the sqlDelete statement.

I'm operating in an Oracle 7.3.4 database environment using a 32 bit
InterSolv ODBC driver and familar with the Oracle 7 Server SQL language.

I can't seem to find anything in the VB6 manuals that indicate you do
or you don't.

Thanks in advance...don

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