VB and JOINS do mix 
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 VB and JOINS do mix

I have this joined:

                Set qdf5 = dbsNoLoad.CreateQueryDef("", _
                                    "SELECT stock_data.ticker _
                                     FROM ((types _
                                    LEFT JOIN category ON types.id =
category.type) _
                                    LEFT JOIN subcategories ON category.id =
subcategories.category) _
                                    LEFT JOIN (ticker _
                                            LEFT JOIN stock_data ON
ticker.ticker = stock_data.ticker) ON subcategories.id = ticker.subcategory
                                    WHERE (((types.id)=4) AND
((category.id)=3) AND ((subcategories.id)=22));")

                Set rst5 = qdf5.OpenRecordset(dbOpenSnapshot)

VB 6.0 returns a "type mismatched in join description".  My goal with this
query is to find out whether or not there is any data returned from the
[stock_data] table based on a 'type', 'category', and 'subcategory'.

I have other joins defined in my VB code which are working properly. I can't
seem to find the error in my coding with this one.

Thank you for your time.


Wed, 20 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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