Compering two databases, updating one 
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 Compering two databases, updating one

I need to make an executable file from VB that will take a recordset
from db1 and compare it with recordset from db2.
db1 is an Advantage database (back end)
db2 is an Access97 database that uses a third party software to
interact with it. ( I have Access2000-If i want to modify db2 WITHIN
the database, I have to convert it to 2000-which may cause other
problems with the 3rd party software)
Here are the following conditions.
If recordset 1 in db1/tbl1 is not in db2/tbl1 (comparing ProductID),
then add new record with fields A,B,C,D,.. into db2
If recordset 1 in db1/tbl1 is located in db2/tbl1, then update
corresponding record in db2/tbl1 with fields B,C,D, etc.
Go to next record
(this will happen until at end of file)
Go to next Table, and start over (there are 16 tables in db2 divided by
category (of product)and I can not change this structure. There is one
table in db1, but I will have to filter the recordsets through a query
for each corresponding product category.
If Error occurs, record current recordset from db1 to "error" table in
db1, and allow no changes of the recordset in db2 (I can then create a
message box (okonly) to alert the user). Then proceed with next record.
Specific questions/considerations.
1. Is this feasable?
2. Is this an efficient method to consider. I thought about doing two
action Queries per table (one for appending records that have no
corresponding ProductID in db2/tbl#, and one update query for all other
records), but I could not capture the errors by recordset and send them
in tblErrors--could I??) If I can, then can I even create action
queries in the VB program.
3. db2 has a box requesting a password when opened. What is the code to
automatically enter a password (and username) in Access.
Thank you very much for your time,
Mark Richards

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