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 Incremental search

I am converting existing Clipper (DOS) applications to VB6. In my clipper
applications i use tables with about 100.000 records. I have a function in
clipper for searching in the (indexed) table. For example when i  just start
typing the name of a person a listbox displays the matching names, while it
highlights the typed characters. Let say a type "JA" the listbox displays:

JANSEN A.             ---------> with JA highlighted

Lets say after the "JA" i type "Q" the clipper application generates a beep,
and doesn't accept the types character, because there are no names starting
with "JAQ".

How can i do this ( or something like this) in VB6,  or does anybody know if
there is an control available doing this.

thank you very much!

Mark van der Bilt

Wed, 09 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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