How do you Restrict number of users on a database ? 
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 How do you Restrict number of users on a database ?


You could count the users in the database.lbd file. I don't know if you can
change the names of the people loggin in. Ii is possible to give a password in
de options field of the opendatabase function. Maybee you give a username
there aswell..




>I hope someone can help.

>I have searched the help to no avail.

>I have a microsoft access database which is being used by my Vb app
>and I am using Microsoft Jet to access it.

>How do find out from the database how many users are currently logged
>on.... or if this is not possible, I have tried setting up users in
>access 97, I have created two users names (apart from admin), how do I
>ensure my VB app connects to the database as these names and no
>others, and would this then prevent two users logging on with the same

>Any help would be appreciated.


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Erik van Engelen

Sat, 21 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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