Reading Excel using msexcl40.dll 
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 Reading Excel using msexcl40.dll

I'm using msexcl40.dll (4.0.5919.0 and 4.0.6726.0) from
VB6 to import data from Excel spreadsheets into SQL
Server.  It sometimes returns NULL for cells that contains
data. I can see this by viewing the input recordset field
value in debug.  I've tried re-entering the data in the
cell and using "format cell as".  No joy.  If I go into
Access 2000 and import the data it works perfectly.

What is your support policy towards this Jet Engine DLL?

If I can provide a failing case would you fix it and if so
how long would it be before I could get a fixed version?

The application is VB6, ADO 2.0 (or DAO 3.6-fails in both)
running under Windows 2000 SP3.

If you need any other information just let me know.


Mon, 19 Dec 2005 01:38:24 GMT  
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