Can't open Oracle database with DAO35 and Oracle-ODBC 
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 Can't open Oracle database with DAO35 and Oracle-ODBC


I'm trying to access an Oracle Database with the use
of DAO 3.5 and Oracle-ODBC-Driver (

Connecting to the database with MS Access just works fine,
so the SQL-Net and ODBC-Driver Setup seems to be OK.

My client program connects well with MS SQL Server, so my
code seems to be OK.


When I execute the OpenDatabase method of the DAOEngine then
an EExternalExcpetion occurs.
When tracing ODBC the error seems to occur when the call
to SQLGetStmtOption is made.

So, what could be wrong ???

Another trace brought me the following information of
which I don't know how to interpret them.

nnfun2: entry
nnfrgwsp: entry
nnfrgwsp: Going though read path adapters
nnfrgwsp: Switching to TNSNAMES adapter
nnfrgwsp: Original name: MichiDB
nnfrgwsp: Qualified name:
nnftqnm: entry
nnfcagmd: entry
nnfcagmd: Attempting to find metadata for type a.smd
nnfcagmd: Attribute name a.smd is a predefined meta type, syntax is 4.
nnfcagmd: exit
nnfotran: Checking local tnsnames.ora file
nnfotran: Checking system tnsnames.ora file
nnfotran: tnsname.ora entry for name "" not found
nnftqnm: Error querying of attribute A.SMD errcode 406
nnfgrwsp: Query unsuccessful, skipping to next adapter
nnfun2a address for name "MichiDB" not found

Thanks for any help.


Tue, 28 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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