Record-level locking? 
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 Record-level locking?

I am reading that there exists the ability in Jet to do record-level
locking.  I have tried to set the provider-specific Jet OLEDB:Database
Locking Mode=1, but the connection ignores the 1 value and instantiates
itself with a 0 value.  What is the value for record-level locking?

Is it possible to have record-level locking in Jet while building a
connection to the database with pure ADO, (no Access front end or Office

application present)?

I am referred in several MS web documents to: ADOProperties.doc in the
ODETools\V9\Samples\OPG\Appendixes folder of the Office 2000 Developer
Alas, I do not have this resource available.  Can someone send me a copy

of ADOProperties.doc?

Thanks in advance.
Dean S

Mon, 05 Jan 2004 10:08:07 GMT  
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