Accessing 32bit Access from a 16bit VB app using ODBC 
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 Accessing 32bit Access from a 16bit VB app using ODBC

I have a 16 bit application built using VB 4.0 (16bit) and a 32 bit
application built using VB 5.0.
The 32 bit app accesses an MS Access 7.0 (32bit) database using rdo and
ODBC datasource.

I need the 16 bit application to access the same MS Access 7.0 (32bit)
database by using an ODBC datasource. Would any one know if this is
possible in VB 4.0 (16bit)? Can 16bit MS Access ODBC drivers access 32bit
MS Access databases since i need a 16bit datasource while in VB 4.0 16 bit

The reason why i am using ODBC datasource is because the database may also
be on other RDBMSs.

Tue, 11 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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