DLL for converting queries from Jet to T-SQL 
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 DLL for converting queries from Jet to T-SQL

Anyone interested in testing a DLL please e-mail me.

The ActiveX DLL converts all the queries in an access MDB file into an SQL
script file that can be run in SQL Server to create stored procedures.

The DLL rejects into another file all queries that cannot be converted.  It
also makes the changes from Access SQL syntax to T-SQL syntax.  Comments are
included where functions need to be changed (such as IIF, FIRST, LAST) and
changes things like MID into SUBSTRING, & into + and * into %.

The DLL fires an event for each query converted telling you the query name,
if it was a successful conversion and the query type.

No properties, one method, runs in-process.

Please e-mail if you are interesed in testing this thing.  It will be FREE
once it is debugged.  You will be able to get it, and other products from
our website soon. (check it out we may have it running by the weekend.

We also have an Addin for VB that will store MDB structure changes as you
develop your app.  The DLL included with this will automatically update the
structure of your client's database without you having to go there.  If you
want to be a beta tester for this product drop me an e-mail.  This product
we will be selling, it it will be a modest price.


Thu, 29 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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