Access x MSDE, DAO x ADO, dBase... 
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 Access x MSDE, DAO x ADO, dBase...

Can you tell me your opinion?

I will make app, that must read some data from DBF, these will proceed
and results will show and save for next proceed.

First time i'd make it with Acc97 linked tables a results save to MDB, but
i dont know, maybe its better save it to MSDE, it will go probably to SQL
Will I lost performance?. Its single user app, for the present.

Second question is about reading DBF. There will be FPT and DBT memo format.
I think maybe it will be better to open these dbf like:

    Select * FROM Something IN "C:\path" "dBase IV;"

Is it possible? And Shall I use DAO 3.6 or ADO 2.1? Or Must I use DAO 3.51?
I would not like to use BDE...

And last answer: I tried to use MSDE under Win98 and I have Off2000. Where
can I find something like Enterpice Manager (i'm not sure about exactly
name) from
SQL 7.0, where I can:
            -set user rights
            -create a delete database devices, or databases
            -add and delete users
            -and so on...
When I used the Access, it have not something under tools menu - but it
should have
(according with help)

Thanx for your opiniom.


Fri, 29 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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