AddNew/Update problem with ADO 
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 AddNew/Update problem with ADO

I want to edit an new record after an AddNew but I got an error with the
following code:

myRecordset!Date = "10.10.90"

' the added recordset is the current one without any requery
myRecordset!Date = "10.10.91"
myRecordset.Update                            <-ERROR

I get an error message that some values have changed since the last reading
of the underlying table
(the error message is in german so I cannot post it here)

Is it not possible to change a record twice after an Update-Method without
a requery ?
I used all possible cursor settings, this happens for Access-MDB's and my
SQLServer database.


// Juergen

Thu, 22 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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