VB5&Oracle7 OBDC-Direct Lockup 
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 VB5&Oracle7 OBDC-Direct Lockup

I have an application written in VB5 that uses OBDC Direct to
access an oracle database. I originally wrote the application
against Oracle 8 on a Linux Server, and used the oracle 8i
client software ( from Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition for NT ).

I tested the application against both my Oracle8 and the
production Oracle7 database with the 8i client and everything
worked fine.

However whenever the application runs using Oracle7 client
software. The program will connect and execute a few queries
and then simply lock up when trying to return the Connection.
The connection does not raise any error codes. If the Oracle 8i
client software is then loaded, it will work fine. However I
need it to work with the Oracle7 clients ( due to install base and
other applications ).

Does anyone know of a way out of this box? If VB6 would provide
the answer I can move there. Also all database access code is
segregated from the application into separate classes, so it would
not be that bad to convert it to use RDO. Is RDO available in the
professional edition of VB6? Would I encounter the same problem
with the drivers with RDO as I do with DAO Obdc-direct?

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Tue, 05 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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