Attached SQL Server Table 
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 Attached SQL Server Table

Any help or advice on this problem much appreciated.

I've got an mdb database on a network server that has several native Access
tables and one very large attached SQL Server(6.0) table residing on the
same server.

I need to generate a table who's records will come from the SQL Server
table based on 1) whether a date field falls in a certain range, and 2)
whether a character ID field is in a subset of one of the Access tables.  

In other words:

"Select SQLServertbl.* from SQLServertbl where (datefield between
'#mm/dd/yy#' and '#mm/dd/yy#') OR (charidfield in (Select distinct charid
from Accesstbl))"

An ugly heterogeneous join that is causing Jet to bring over 30-50 meg of
data to the local machine in order to process  the query - not to mention
it takes forever.

What's my best approach to get this data from the attached table when the
query depends on the results of a Jet database query on an Access table?
Am I better off using a cursor to step thru the SQL Server table testing
the field values individually?

Somehow I've got to, if nothing else, get the majority of the processing
moved back to the server as opposed to the client.

Thanks -

J.D. Bell
Bell Interactive Development

Sat, 10 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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