Access DB On Netware 3.12 
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 Access DB On Netware 3.12

Can anyone help with a major problem using an access database on a
Netware 3.12 mapped drive?.   As soon as I try to do a moderately
complex query the whole program falls over with an error 3043 (disk or
network error).

This problem goes away if we remove the Novell Netware client 32 for
Win95 and replace it with the MS client for netware... we do,
unfortunately need the Novell client in order to run legacy DOS code
correctly.  This leaves us in a catch 22 situation as our Windows
software seems to need the MS client and our DOS software needs the
Novell client!

This is using VB4 32 on Win95 and DAO 3.1 by the way and is
reproducible using a simple VB program that opens two recordsets

Many thanks in advance,

Dominic Imrie
Analyst Programmer

Crown Management Systems Ltd, UK

Sat, 26 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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