ADO SQL Recordsets Return Duplicate Names 
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 ADO SQL Recordsets Return Duplicate Names

When I recently converted from DAO to ADO. I found that the SQL statements
that returned duplicate field names.
For example Select Table1.Name Table2.Name from...etc only displays as Name
and Name in the recordsets when I look at them in VB. In DAO it would return
Table1.Name and Table2.Name so you can distinguish between them. Is there
something else you need to do to make them automatically unique when
executing the SQL statement? I've changed most of them to use the AS to give
them new names.....Select Table1.Name as Table1_Name and this works but is a
lot of work since the SQL statements are built up in parts. Also I'm trying
to Crystal Reports and it is failing with SQL Server 7 when I try to use
more than 1 table and I wonder if it's related to this too.


Sun, 13 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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