Help: Using the datarepeater control with an ActiveX control containing an embedded datacombo control 
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 Help: Using the datarepeater control with an ActiveX control containing an embedded datacombo control

I have what I consider to be a fairly simple business requirement.  I
want to be able to select multiple industry types for a given
organisation.  It is a typical one to many relationship.  Naturally,
at the data model level, I have the main organisation table, a join
table, and a lookup table of industry types.

The only control I have seen within Visual Basic which seems suited to
represent this one to many relationship is the datarepeater control.
I have followed the Microsoft KB article regarding this control, and
have been able to get the control to work against a simple text box.

However, I want my ActiveX control to have a datacombo control within
it.  I have written the delegation code necessary to support the 5
data related properties.  My difficulty comes in deciding how to bind
the data repeater control to the public properties of the contained
ActiveX control.  

If I simply bind industry id of the join table to the industry id
public property, then my code works, but I cannot see every industry
name appearing in every contained ActiveX control.  If I redefine the
datasource of my datarepeater control to a view of the join table
containing the appropriate industry name, and bind this to the
datarepeater control,  I can see all the values, but when I change a
value, my lookup table's data value changes also.

I havn't been able to find any additional source code on the data
repeater control apart from the single Microsoft example.  Has anyone
achieved what I am trying to?  Or am I wasting my time?

Fri, 09 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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