updating user database using server database 
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 updating user database using server database

hi, let me start with what i'm trying to acvhieve

i've written a access 2000 database front end using VB6 SP3 my plan is to
have the same database on my server which contains all the latest records, i
would like the user to click an import button to connect to the server and
import any updated or new records that the user hasn't already got. i've
made a lastUpdatedOn field in the database table which would holds the date
of when the user last updated on.

to make things a little easier i plan to simply ftp the whole database from
the server to the user than check the lastUpdated field against the users
and updated/addnew as needed, but what i'd like to know is how to create a
new databse on the server with the same structure as the master which
contains only the records that the user needs, then ftp it to the user, and
perform the update. i dont know if asp would have to do this or what. at the
moment i have absolutly no knowledge of ASP. if anyone has any ideas/theorys
of the best way to do this please e-mail me.

thanks, and excuse the loose terminology.


Tue, 10 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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