Here is a tough datamanager one... 
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 Here is a tough datamanager one...

I'm suprised about the error message you are getting, but one thing you
haven't mentioned is installing the Compatability Layer.  VB3 came out
before Access 2, and doesn't automatically understand the new JET engine.
You should find the files in the MS Knowledge Base.  That would be my best
guess, as I use VB3 in Win95 with Access2, and have no worries!

> I have looked everywhere to the answer to this one:

> VB3 Pro will not let me use any database functions.

> If I try to open datamanager (using any and all methods) I get an error
> message: "File not found".

> If I try to declare a database I get the same message but if I hit F1
> while the error box is up I get an explanation of error 53.

> This has brought my project to a halt.  As it is not a commercial
> project I don't really need urgent help but I would like to be able to
> use VB 3.

> BTW, Configuration is as follows:

> VB 3 Pro (Installed and Re-installed several times)
> Win95 Installed over Win 3.11
> Pentium 75 w/ 24 MB RAM
> Access 2.0 Installed

> Jeff Stevenson

Sat, 06 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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