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 Repair Locks Up

I have an .mdb that goes from around 150-250mb. Like
a good programmer, I try to repair and compact it regularly.
Sometimes I use the repair facility through the ODBC
widget in the control panel and try to repair the .mdb that
the entry is pointing to. The .mdb resides on a server.
    Two times in a row now, I tried to repair it and the
function locked up. I had to kill the process. Upon trying
to get back into the .mdb, I couldn't. I couldn't open it,
repar it, compact it or link to it. It was shot and I had to
restore it from a back up.
    The error I get AFTER the repair craps out, when I try to
repair again, or compact, or open, or link:

\\Isserver\isdata\boe\boe_be.db is not a valid index


BELTFLE is not a valid index

\\Isserver\isdata\boe\boe_be.db is the path to the .mdb
and BELTFLE is actually a table. What the heck does this
have to do with indexes anayway? My indexes are valid
(to my knowledge) and get used all the time.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated,

Christopher Desany
County of Albany Division of IS

Tue, 06 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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