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 Data Control Error Event

I'm using VB 6 in Visual Studio with service pack 4 to develop an application
which connect to an Access database. Everything works fine in the developing
machine. Then I used the Package and Deploy Wizard to create a setup program for
the application. The application using the Data control to access database either
on a floppy disk or on a network drive based on user selection. When the program
was installed on other workstations which don't have VB installed, the program
appears couldn't access the database, and gave an error of 713 or Application or
Object specific error with no error source. I traced the error to the data
control's error event on the the first form opened. I checked many places but
didn't get a clue as what caused this behavor. I also have a previous setup
program in VB 5 of an older version of the same program which works, and after
installed the old version of the program, the new version start to work as well.
I guess the old setup program created some kind of connection or reference needed
for the program to run but couldn't figure out what that was.
If anyone have some ideas about what's going on here and drop me a note, I'd
really appreciated it.
Thanks in advance!

Sat, 24 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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