Intermittent error when updating with ODBC Direct 
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 Intermittent error when updating with ODBC Direct

     I am working on a VB 5.0 application that uses ODBC Direct as the Data
Access method for connecting to a SQL Server database.  (A decision was made
not to change the data access method for the time being.)  The SQL Server
database has been configured with a large tempdb, large number of locks,
large number of users, etc.
     There is a function in the VB 5.0 application that creates an empty
dynaset using .OpenRecordset, then uses the .AddNew method, and then creates
the values for the new record by setting the fields equal to their desired
values.  Then it uses the .Update method to update these values in the
recordset to the database.  It never reads from this table being edited,
just writes to it.  There are no other operations it is doing to the
database concurrently.  There are no other users on the database at the time
that this is being run.
    Every 1 in 100,000 times that it's supposed to Update the database, I
get a 3167 error ("Record was deleted").  However, the recordset is still
there.  There was nothing that would have deleted a record, and nothing that
tried to read a record after changing it.  I don't get a network or timeout
error, just a 3167.  When I set the cursor to the beginning and try to write
the very exact same data that it was trying to write before, I do not get
any errors.  However, when I run the program over and over again, after
about 100,000 times of writing to the database, I get the 3167 error.
    Does anyone know what would cause this problem and how to get around it?

Sun, 12 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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