Best method for remote data of Oracle database 
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 Best method for remote data of Oracle database

Our company has been using VB5 to access data on (among others) Oracle

We originally used RDO with the Oracle ODBC driver (named Oracle73), but
encountered some problems with that driver (I can't remember what the
problems were now) so we started to use RDO with the Microsoft ODBC driver
for Oracle instead (actually this course of action was recommended to us by
Oracle themselves!).

Since then we have been made aware of the "Oracle Objects for OLE" (OO4O),
which do away with the need for an ODBC driver completely, and we have
written a couple of (very) small applications using this method.

We are now on the verge of migrating to VB6 and I want to standardise our
method of Oracle data access.  We have also now installed a more recent
version of the Oracle ODBC driver, and a I understand that an updated
Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle will be installed with VB6.

I would be grateful for any opinions as to the merits of the various options
of Oracle data access available to us.  What is the best option, Microsoft
ODBC for Oracle, Oracle ODBC, or OO40?

Any comments gratefully received.

Thanks anybody,


Sat, 25 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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