Malformed GUID in SQL Builder 
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 Malformed GUID in SQL Builder

When creating commands in the DataEnvironment using the SQL builder, I
continually get "help" from it in the way of converting (for example)
{ fn LTRIM(somefieldvalue) }
which then fails with the error "Malformed GUID"

I've searched through the groups and found this is due to Jet (I'm
accessing an Access db) not understanding OLEDB.

I found a reference to a similar error on MS's site (Q155194)
regarding ACC95.

I've seen plenty of suggestions on proper syntax depending on your db.

What I would like to know is:

use the right syntax for my db. (the provider is specified in the
connection after all!)

When I manually correct the syntax and verify the SQL, everything is
OK (it is verified and will run the query). Well, its OK until I edit
something in the grid pane of the builder, then the {'s show up again
and I have to edit them out.

This also happens with dates (lots of similar postings, but only
suggestions were for proper syntax), and almost any function.

I'm using VB6 with SP5.


Tue, 12 Oct 2004 23:46:11 GMT  
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