OLE DB error -2147217887 with client side cursor 
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 OLE DB error -2147217887 with client side cursor


I'm using VB6 (provider is ole db for odbc, recorset is adodb, clientside,
static, batchoptimistic) to connect to an Informix 9.2 database.

I am having trouble multiplying fields using SQL.  When I execute the
following text

 "Select client, sum(shares * share_factor) as net_shares from pend_txn
where txn_date = '06/05/2000' group by cl_id"

I get a recordset without error, but if I try to display the data I get the
following error:

 -2147217887 Multiple-step operation generated error.  Check each status

If I run the same select using just ODBC and an SQL editor, I do not have
any problems.

Any Ideas?


Fri, 22 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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