Database Issues in a distributed client server environment 
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 Database Issues in a distributed client server environment

 I am working on a server side application which talks to a server db
table.I am in the process of incorporating the following functionalities
into it :-

FUNCTION 1 :- Ability to ADD a record for any of its clients
(The server db table has a auto-generating key field which gets filled in
for every new insertion)

FUNCTION 2 :- Ability to generate a response for each client who does a
record submission. The response would be the submitted record retrived from
the table.

 Considering it is a distributed client server kind of an environment, I can
expect more than one user to be inserting in a record (FUNCTION 1) at the
same time.

 Based on the above content I have the following questions:-

QUES 1 :- This question refers to FUNCTION 2(listed above).In order to send
the submitted record as response to the submittor client, the server
application should be able to IDENTIFY it(the response) with the client
responsible for inserting it, in order to send it back to him.
 How would the application do the identification?
(Would I be using session objects by any chance?)
 How would the application know what to send what to which client?

QUES 2 :- What if two or more users are to insert records at the SAME
TIME.How would the application be able to uniquely identify the responses
with their submittor clients for such "simultaneous insertions"?

QUES 3 :-I feel that my questions(the ones listed above) are quite common
issues in any server <--> db kind of an environment.
 Are there any standard solutions to the above problems considering their
 Any resources/URLs for these standard solutions that anyone would be
knowing of?

 I'd really appreciate any insights. I hope I was able to make my point

 Thanks in advance,

Sun, 14 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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