Help, Error 3218 when replicating 
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 Help, Error 3218 when replicating

Some of our users report error 3218 when attempting to replicate a database
with our VB app.  Our program tries to open the database exclusively before
attempting a replica to be sure no one else is using it (although this
should not matter).

Their main database is stored on a network, the target replica they are
trying to create is stored on their local machine. When they try to
replicate the database they get error 3218, Couldn't Update, Currently
Locked. If we use Explorer to make a copy of the main database on the local
drive, it replicates just fine. If we copy the copy of the main database to
the network and they try to replicate it, they get the 3218 error, so I
can't see what is locked. The person I spoke with today is running Novell.


Sun, 21 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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