Summing a table 
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 Summing a table

I am using Vb 6.0 and access 97 and I am using ADO.  I want to do is have a
cmd button in my form when press  will summed up from my customer detail
table (custdetail) to my customer sum table (custsum).  I am in the
insurance business.  I have four fields that are index and I want the
summing based on the order of these fields.  1. Treaty Yr, 2. CA code 3. QS
code  4. Insured.  For example when there is a match for Treaty Yr with the
corresponding CA code and corresponding Qs code and the corresponding
Insured, customer sum table will be added.  Before the summing takes place I
want to delete all the records in customer sum table then summed them up.
The file is call CAQS.mdb in C: drive.  I am a newbie, Any help will be
appreciated.  Thank You.

Thu, 25 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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