NEWBIE:VB & SQL Server 6.5 Bound Controls 
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 NEWBIE:VB & SQL Server 6.5 Bound Controls

I am new to VB, and am trying to do some simple things to test the water
using VB & SQL Server 6.5.

To start, I created a new STANDARD.EXE, then added a new form using the VB
Data Form Wizard, and created a DBGRID form bound to the titles table in the
"pubs" database.

The scrolling is sort of OK, but the DBGRID gets trashed if I use the
MoveLast arrow. It starts putting in a bunch of blank and duplicate rows

Adding records appears to work the first time, but subsequent times I try to
add records it pops up a message saying "Data Error Event Hit Error: No
Current Row".

Overall it appears to be very kludgy. I have tried to add some manual code,
and do some troubleshooting, but it doesn't appear updateable, and is
basically unusable.

In contrast, when I use a DBGRID bound to an Access .MDB data source, it
operates pretty smoothly.

I'm just wondering if bound controls are good to use with SQL Server
databases? If not, and they need to be manually coded, where should I start?
I've bought two books, and they are each using bound controls in their
examples, and they don't really get into manually doing it. Are there any

Thanks in advance!

Fri, 28 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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