ADO 1.5 - VB5.0 - SQL Server 6.5 
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 ADO 1.5 - VB5.0 - SQL Server 6.5

Problem 1
When I try rs.AddNew ( where rs is of type ADODB.recordset), I get an
error stating
this method is not supported.
My datasource is configured to use TCP/IP. (I have tried named-pipes and
other but
get the same error).
Does anyone know how can I fix that. For the time being I am using the
Command object to
add new record but it is very painful considering there are several

Problem 2
I have recordset rs.
I am doing -  rs.Open "select ........",,adOpenDynamic
rows are returned and I can do rs.MoveNext/rs.MovePrevious etc.
While I have a recordset (rs) open, I am also trying to update one of
the record within the recordset
using a separate command object (using the update sql statement).
After I update the record using command object, I go back to my
recordset (rs) and I try
rs.MoveNext or rs.MovePrevious, I get the error stating either EOF or
BOF reached.
Does anyone has any idea(s) about this?

Any resonse is greatly appreciated.

Fri, 16 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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