TDBGRID fires wrong StartLocation and Offset values in UnboundGETRelativeBookmarks 
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 TDBGRID fires wrong StartLocation and Offset values in UnboundGETRelativeBookmarks

Running a TDBGRID 5.0 in application mode using UnboundGetRelativeBookmarks
to calculate the record numbers I found that it works very fine in
conjunction with the ClassicRead event to retrieve data.

But now I have many records to display (about 579,000) in a grid, and when I
pull the scollbar pointer to the bottom I found that the
UnboundGetRelativeBookmark event fires with a wrong offset value, only
aboutsomething less than 250,000, of course the grid's ApproxCount property
is correctly set to the maximum of 579,000. So I never can go beyond this
value to the end of the data.

Clicking at the last displayed line and moving the cell pointer up and down
by arrow keys I could see examining the UnboundGetRelativeBookmark event's
parameter that I could move down some rows exactly to line 250,000. In this
line with start=250,000 an offset of 1 was requested and correctly answered
with NewLocation=250,001

Has anyone an idea how to make TrueDBGrid firing correct values so tzhat I
can move down to the last records?

Thanks, Bruno.

Tue, 04 Jan 2005 17:20:30 GMT  
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