Substitue of DataGrid. 
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 Substitue of DataGrid.

        I believe most of the people would have faced this problem, so
I'm looking for what generally do in this case?

Lets say I want to display as well as accept the input of a dept. master
in a grid format and I need to specify a faculty for every dept. This
faculty should be selected from a combobox which shows all the faculties
from the database. In the grid the faculty for every dept. should also
be shown.

Now for this, if I create a recordset with a join between dept and
faculty, i can't update it, whereas if I create a recordset with just
one table (i.e. dept), I can't show the details of the faculty.

What should be done in this case?

Any reply would be helpful.


Abhi Parasher

Fri, 23 May 2003 13:38:16 GMT  
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