Help needed! GPF's at large in our code :-( 
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 Help needed! GPF's at large in our code :-(

 Hello out there!

Our application has a function 'Search', which - based on entered criteria -
searches an SQL Server base for candidates. The search is asynchronized,
i.e. when one of the criteria fields looses focus, a search is started with
the current criteria of all fields, a timer  (0.1 sec.) is started and you
may continue entering criteria in another field.

* When the timer triggers, the query is checked for 'still executing' - if
not, data is fetched from the resultset and put into a grid on the search
* If a criteria field is left, the timer is stopped and the query cancelled,
before a new query and timer is started.
* From the search window, data may be transferred to another function when
the search window is closed.

This is when the problem MAY occur : a 'Dr. Watson access violation' is
caught, (with address = e.g.0x10103bdd or in general 0xzzzz3bdd, where
'zzzz' indicates the memory section allocated).

Sometimes the error occurs as the search window is closed, sometimes it
comes after some seconds, when you have started working in another window,
and sometimes no error occurs (maybe 9 out of 10, so the error is not
repeatable as such)
The following tools are used for the application :

 * NT 4.00.1381 Server
 * SQL Server 6.5 (DB-Library Version: 6.50.252)

 * NT 4.0 Workstation 4.00.1381
 * Visual Basic 4.0a
 * RDO 1.0b (Msrdo32.dll, version  1.0.3329 )
 * ODBC 2.5 (SqlSrv32.dll, version  2.50.0126)

Any hint or suggestion is most welcome!!

Thanks in advance,

(please reply to on of the following contacts)

WM-data Consulting A/S
Fuglev?nget 9
DK-9000 Aalborg

Mon, 28 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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