Please help for Visual Basic Beginner 
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 Please help for Visual Basic Beginner

Dear Experts,
 I?|m very new in Visual Basic. There have few questions hope you can gives
kindly help.

I?|m now doing a very small project. It is a Text File Reader. Provide
simple annotation and word explanation function. So I had to know more about
connecting to Text File not Database.

Question 1:

It is just 2 text boxes ?V TEXT1 and TEXT2. I had learned about using
?Input As #1? and ?StrConv(InputB(LOF(1), #1), vbUnicode)?. And it is
very easy to put a passage to a Text Box (TEXT1) from a Text File. And then
I lock the Text Box become Read Only. But the problem is these command can
only retrieve the whole passage from the text file to the Text Box. There
have about 20 chapters to read. So I need to separate them to 20 text files.
File name arranged by number. Such as Chapter01 then Chapter 02?K and so on.
Then I make a Previous Button and a Next Button to browse along it by On
Click Event. If click the Next Button. It will retrieve another passage by
another filename. The filename is the existing filename + 1. So, if the
existing text is call from Chapter 8. It will retrieve Chapter 9. Previous
will be number ?V 1. Also, I can retrieve a designate passage by typing a
Chapter number from an input box. Then it is work now. But, if there have
more than 100 passages and every one just had few lines. It will be a
trouble! I have seen a program it can read a text file by part inside. Then
all passage can put in one text file together. So I want to know how to do
it. That text file also had about 20 passages there. Each parts separate by
some symbols. Using ?*1? on the line before first passage, then have a
 ?#? after it. The ?#? sign maybe means the end of that passage. After
the ?#? is ?*2? on next line. It maybe means to begin the second
passage. Then repeat this step to show as above. It can use in Previous and
Next button by On Click Event. Also it can retrieve a designate passage by
type a Chapter number from an input box. The question is how can I retrieve
the part between ?* + number? and ?#? only? Which commands can do it? Is
there any more good suggestion for it?

Question 2

About searching and get data. There have another Text File gives annotation
and word explanation for the main passage is reading. That file stored such
information to serve it. If I use an input box or a Text Box to search
information for a word or a phrase from database is quite easy. But now is
searching in a text file. That is the problem. I can see that sample program
can search automatically by Highlight a word. Little bit like desktop
dictionary. Then if information found from that Text File. Another Text Box
(TEXT2, maybe a label) will show the result it matched. If nothing match
will do nothing. And, result is not a passage or the whole text file. It may
be one sentence or a line of the text file. And I seen that text file is
haven?|t any symbols like ?*1? or ?#? this time. Just some common
symbols like ?;? or ?,? between word and phrase. It can just retrieve a
line or a few lines to the Text Box (TEXT2). Also, that few lines may not
continuous. This matching action is not need to use any input box or button
with On Click event. If a word Highlighted, it will work automatically. So
the question is how to do this function? Using GotFocus or Highlighted
function? Both not? How can I retrieve a single line to a Text Box from a
text file? Any command can do that? If any one got any good idea, please
kindly give suggestion. Thanks so much on it.

Question 3

Is there any web sites can download some project sample of VB free? I?|m
really needs more sample for learning. If any one got any idea on it, please
kindly give suggestion.

Thanks so much!

Kevin Cheng (*^_^*)

Wed, 05 Jan 2005 00:45:34 GMT  
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