SQL statement updateable in Acces but not SQL Server 
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 SQL statement updateable in Acces but not SQL Server

In Access if I run the following query, I can update the results; however,
if I use RDO data control and a bound grid in VB, I can't update it.  If I
leave off the Left Join and take out the one field it displays, I can update
it.  Can I not update a SQL Server (6.5) with a LEFT JOIN cursor?

SELECT WD.Hours,WD.Type AS AbsAttend,WD.TypeCode AS Premium,WD.FacilityCode
AS RecvOrder,WD.TaskCode AS Task,Codes_Tasks.descTask AS
FROM WorkDistribution AS WD LEFT JOIN Codes_Tasks ON WD.TaskCode =

RDO is of  a Keyset type.


Fri, 31 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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