ADOX, Access 2000 and Jet OLEDB property settings 
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 ADOX, Access 2000 and Jet OLEDB property settings

Here's my question, and I've looked everywhere, so hopefully someone can
help here...

Here's my code:


    Set mCat = New ADOX.Catalog
    Set mCon = New ADODB.Connection

    mCon.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
             "Data Source=" & strDBPath & ";" & _
             "Jet OLEDB:Database Password=1234;"

    Set mCat.ActiveConnection = mCon
    Set TBL = mCat.Tables("Table")
    TBL.Columns("Item").Properties("Jet OLEDB:Compressed UNICODE Strings")
= -1 ' True
    Set TBL = Nothing


Here is the problem...I try running this code and I get an error of
"Multiple step OLE DB operation generated errors"  Anybody have an idea of
what I'm not doing right?  I'd also like to be able to change the Format of
a Date field to "short" in an Access database through VB code, but I haven't
found anything on that either...



Tue, 06 Jul 2004 08:50:25 GMT  
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