HELP: VB4.0 / 32Bit Stack fault on CONNECT 
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 HELP: VB4.0 / 32Bit Stack fault on CONNECT

I am using VB4.0 / 32bit, and my applications are going well, but
whenever I'm in the VB4.0 development environment, and performing
connect & disconnects , I regularly get stack fault when calling the
oracle object's (Version 2.0). See the attached fragment of code....

It doesn't seem to matter where I call the code from, a button, a
Load() event, the timer - it will run a few times then give the stack
fault message, usually then causes VB to GPF.

I would like to *RELIABLY* be able to do this as it's driving me
bananas - everything *seems* to be OK when the app is compiled into an
EXE, but I'm still not sure...

The stack fault comes from the call to OpenDatabase.

Paul 'Syd' Smith

' Try and open a connection to the given database using
' the given database name and connect string.
'  Return Values:
'    0      - Connected
'    Others - Not Connected: Oracle error number
Function Connect(ByVal DbaseName As String, ByVal ConnectString As
String) As Long

    'Set up an error handler.
    On Error GoTo errhandler

    'Create the OraSession Object.
    If TypeName(glbOraSession) = "Nothing" Then
        MsgBox "ERROR: Trying to recreate an open session"
        Connect = -1
        Exit Function
    End If

    Set glbOraSession = CreateObject("OracleInProcServer.XOraSession")

    If TypeName(glbOraSession) = "Nothing" Then
        TRACE "ORACLE.CLS", "Connect", TRC_ORAERR, "Oracle Session
object not created"
    End If

    'Create the OraDatabase Object by opening a connection to Oracle.
    Set glbOraDatabase = glbOraSession.OpenDatabase(DbaseName,
ConnectString, ORADB_DEFAULT)

    If TypeName(glbOraDatabase) = "Nothing" Then
        TRACE "ORACLE.CLS", "Connect", TRC_ORAERR, "Oracle Database
object not created"
    End If

    Set glbOraParams = glbOraDatabase.Parameters
    Connect = 0
    Exit Function

    If Err = 28 Then
        Debug.Print "Stack fault"
    End If
    'Check to see if an Oracle error has occurred.
    If glbOraSession.LastServerErr <> 0 Then
        TRACE.Output "ORACLE.CLS", "Connect", TRC_ORAERR,
        Connect = glbOraSession.LastServerErr
    Else 'Must be some non-Oracle error
       If glbOraDatabase.LastServerErr <> 0 Then
           TRACE.Output "ORACLE.CLS", "Connect", TRC_ORAERR,
           Connect = glbOraDatabase.LastServerErr
       Else 'Must be some non-Oracle error
           TRACE.Output "ORACLE.CLS", "Connect", TRC_VBERR, Err,
           Connect = Err
       End If
    End If
    TRACE.Output "ORACLE.CLS", "Connect", TRC_ORAERR, "Connect String
= " & ConnectString
    Exit Function
End Function

Paul Smith
Technical Manager, SDR Systems Ltd
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Fri, 19 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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