Right String Truncation in SQLServer 2000 
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 Right String Truncation in SQLServer 2000

I am importing text files into a table in SQL Server 2000 from Visual
Basic 6.0, using the Bulk Copy (BC) object. When the text data is too
long for the field, I would like BC to perform a right truncation
without producing a VB6 runtime error. Is there an option somewhere that can
be set to do the truncation without producing the runtime error?
Here is the function that I have written to import the file (FileSpec) into
the table (TableName):

Private Sub ImportFile2Table(oDB As SQLDMO.Database, FileSpec As String,
TableName As String)

Dim oTable As SQLDMO.Table
Dim BC As New BulkCopy
Dim oFS As New FileSystemObject, oFile As File

BC.DataFileType = SQLDMODataFile_SpecialDelimitedChar
BC.ColumnDelimiter = "|"
BC.RowDelimiter = vbCrLf

If oFS.FileExists(FileSpec) Then
BC.DataFilePath = FileSpec
MsgBox "** File " & FileSpec & " does not exist", vbCritical, "Error in
End If
Set oTable = oDB.Tables(TableName)
oTable.ImportData BC


Set oTable = Nothing
Set oFS = Nothing

End Sub

Is there a BC.Property that would allow the imported file to be
automatically truncated without issuing a VB runtime error?


Sat, 24 Sep 2005 03:32:54 GMT  
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