ADO, SQL 6.5 and VarChar Fields 
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 ADO, SQL 6.5 and VarChar Fields

I need to know if anyone knows why the following is happening.

I am performing the following select on a table
     Select Distinct Field1 From TableA

      Field1 is defined of type VarChar

When run through SQL Enterprise Manager this query returns only a single
occurance of each value,
but when run through a ADO based connection it may return duplicates (IE:
"Value1" and "Value1    ")

In order for this to properly work through a ADO Records set I need to
perform the following select
    Select Distinct LTrim(RTrim(Field1)) From TableA

By definition of a VarChar type field the trailing spaces should not be
included, so why are they included in a ADO based recordset.

Any info on why this happends would be appreciated.


Sun, 18 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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