"File not found", for "Dim db as DATABASE" Visual Basic 3.0 
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 "File not found", for "Dim db as DATABASE" Visual Basic 3.0

I seem to remember an add-on for VB3 that enabled support for access
databases -
could be you need that to get up & running...

> I have an old program created with Visual Basic
> Professional 3.0, and it give a "File not found" error
> stopping at "Dim db as DATABASE".  It does not understand
> a datatype of DATABASE or SNAPSHOT.  I am thinking that I
> may need to reinstall VB 3, but we cannot find our source
> disk.  If you think you know why, or know where I can
> download Visual Basic 3.0 Professional, I would appreciate

> Thanks

Thu, 06 Jan 2005 02:39:49 GMT  
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