datareport seems to crash writing of exe file 
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 datareport seems to crash writing of exe file

remove the underscore from my reply-to field and you got it.
(and the from field is a bounce)

First let me say while I am an experienced programmer, I am a yearling
to writing  VB.  So, chuckles are ok, but include a solution too:-)

It appears as though adding a datareport into my current project is
causing the writing of the EXE file to crash. I have even gone as far
as removing my dsr file and adding in the default (unchanged)
datareport1.dsr file and even this causes the problem.

If there is no dsr files at all, then we are ok.
If all I want is to compile/run my project from VB6, then its ok with
the datareports.  Trouble starts when its time to make the EXE file
and I have DSR files in my project.  

We get past the compiling, it starts writing the exe and about "2/3"
of the way in VB6 crashes with an exeption fault.

FYI - The project currently has 5 BAS files and 23 forms (frm files)
and they make an EXE file size of 648K.

Are there any known issues on this topic that a semi newbie might need
to be aware of?

Post your answers so all can benefit - but I would appreaciate a CCing
of my correct email too.


Sat, 05 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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