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 VB5 / ODBC / Ingres question


I'm developing a VB5 app that access an Ingres 6.4 database.  I had some
problems so I decided to add the following command after the connection to
the database is made :

    Dim strCommande As String

    Set dbTax = OpenDatabase("Taxation", dbDriverNoPrompt, True, _

    strCommande = "set autocommit on"
    dbTax.Execute strCommande

    strCommande = "set lockmode session where readlock=nolock"
    dbTax.Execute strCommande

However, I get a run-time error on the "dbTax.Execute strCommande" line,
like unsupported property...  I tried this command with MS Query and it
works, so I'll
like to know how can I make it work in VB5 !!

PS : If I remove the last 4 lines,  my app works fine... but it fills the DB
log file after
a couple of days !!   I included the "set autocommit on" and the "set
options on the ING_SET variables,  but I want to add them also inside the
for extra security.

Thanks in advance.


Fri, 06 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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