problem with crystal reports in visual studio.NET 
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 problem with crystal reports in visual studio.NET

I am using Crystal Reports in my application I made using Visual Studio.NET
. I installed my application on the client machine, with all the DLLs
required, the engine and the rest. When I start my application and, from it,
try to open up a report I get an exception EngineException with
DataSourceError ErrorId. I am using the Windows Forms Viewer, and the
message of the exception is "Query engine error:
C:\WINDOWS\Temp\temp_*******.rpt" with some wierd numbers instead of
*******. Can anyone tell me what the problem is here and how to solve it. I
am running the application on Windows 98. Everything else runs OK, so I
don't suspect that's the problem. The client does not have Visual Studio.NET
installed but that should not be a requirement, anyway. I am extracting the
data for the report from a data set at runtime. It all works fine on the
machine I am using to develop my application, and on other machines running
Visual Studio.NET on different OSes (Windows XP, Windows 2000). If anyone



Fri, 21 Oct 2005 00:22:49 GMT  
 problem with crystal reports in visual studio.NET
Well, I'm having the same problem as you. But there is a difference:
I got 4 reports with a DataSet - two of these work fine, but the rest
doesn't work. The same error message occurs when accessing the

Is thereanyone out there to solve this problem? - Help, please!

Sun, 13 Nov 2005 15:00:40 GMT  
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