Can't load (or register) custom control: VBSQL.OCX 
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 Can't load (or register) custom control: VBSQL.OCX

VB 4.0 and SQL 6.5

When I try to run my VB application I get a dialog box that says "Can't
load (or register) custom control: VBSQL.OCX".

When developing, and running on the same machine... no problem.  But I
can't seem to install this on another machine.

Is there a problem with my registry?  The install runs OK, but doesn't seem
to record VBSQL.OCX.  VBSQL.OCX is in the \Windows\System directory, but
doesn't want to run.

Has anyone had a similar problem loading VBSQL.OCX?  Any ideas on where I
should start?


Tue, 31 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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