parameters to a child command in the data project? 
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 parameters to a child command in the data project?

I have a report that is printing all the work than an employee as done
with the dates of each jobs.

since the employee id is in a command(item #5) in the data report and
the work + dates are in a child command of the employee command, i am
able to send a parameter to tell to print only the info on one
employee with something like this:

DataEnvironment1.Commands.Item(5).Parameters("n").Value =
in wich datacombo1.text is the id of the employee.

i am unable to send parameters to the child command of my
command.item(5) I want to be able to select the work that has been
done between 2 dates

... does anyone know how to ?  Thanks already!

Sun, 07 Dec 2003 22:54:54 GMT  
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