About upsizing access DB file to MS SQL 7.0 
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 About upsizing access DB file to MS SQL 7.0


I have an application which is using Access database file as storage before,
and it is become very big after several months later.  In order to increase
to capability for WAN access, we would like to upsizing the application to
store the data in MS SQL Server.

In order to minimize the impact of migration, we would like to use the
approach of export the existing DB to SQL Server and link all tables in our
access Access DB to SQL Server.  But it is found that our application has
problem in access data in the system.

I have compared the table and data in both system and it seems that they are
the same.  Are there any suggestions in the setup?

Best regards,

Mon, 04 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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