OLEDB Simple Provider Listener Problem 
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 OLEDB Simple Provider Listener Problem

I wonder if anyone has any experience of implementing a Simple OLE DB
Provider in VB6. I have everything working fine expect the Listener
notification system. The implementation of my
OLEDBSimpleProvider_addOLEDBSimpleProviderListener gets called ok, but
the reference to the OLEDBSimpleProviderListener Interface object is
incorrect. In the locals window the value is <No Variable>, put it in
variant and its variant/<Unsupported object Type>. Any access to the
methods of the Interface results in Runtime Error 80040e4e "Object
Required" i.e. its an invalid interface pointer.

So has anyone has seen this before or have any idea of the cause?

Mike Aston

Sun, 23 Feb 2003 08:01:17 GMT  
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