ClientBatch with Update method, error 40041 
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 ClientBatch with Update method, error 40041

Can someone explain why I get error:
         40041        Object Collection: Couldn't find item indicated by text.
when the UPDATE statement is executed.  The information is placed in the
rdoErrors collection.
The update works, but I would like to better understand what is going on.

Sub main
    Dim cn As New rdoConnection
    Dim rs As rdoResultset
    Dim col As rdoColumn
    Dim re As rdoError

    ' configure the connection
    With cn
        .CursorDriver = rdUseClientBatch
        .Connect = "DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=DFWCSCQ1;database=quotes"
        .EstablishConnection rdDriverNoPrompt, True
        ' clear messages
    End With

    Set rs = cn.OpenResultset("exec QuoteHeaderByQuoteNo 10179",
rdOpenDynamic, rdConcurBatch)

    ' identify source of fields
    For Each col In rs.rdoColumns
        col.SourceTable = "Quotes.dbo.QuoteHeaders"
        col.SourceColumn = col.Name

    ' identify the key column
    rs.rdoColumns("QuoteNo").KeyColumn = True

    If Not (rs Is Nothing) Then
            rs.rdoColumns("VersionNo") = 99
        rs.Update                                               ' error is generated here

    End If

end sub



Mon, 20 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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