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 FoxPro DBF and VB

I have a VB application which constantly looks at a FoxPro .DBF file for
new records of a certain type. If it finds one it immediately tries to
change the type indicating that it's current being processed. We had this
application running for along time on one box only, now due to growth, we
had to add a second box. Now we have two boxes looking at the same FoxPro
.DBF for new records of the same type. The program works fine for a couple
days, even a couple of weeks, but eventually we get an index in that table.
The index on the field containing the record type gets corrupt somehow.
Probably if both boxes are trying to process the same record. In the code
we take that into consideration and check to see if the record is locked,
but we still get an index problem. The type of index problem, is that if
you go into FoxPro and use that table, and do a count for that type a
record, it will always come back with 1 more record than there actually is.
Almost as if the table was updated, but the index was not when a machine
processed one of the new records.

Any suggestions. We've tried VB3, VB4 both 16 and 32bit, and VB5, all with
the same results.


Tommy McNeese

Sat, 06 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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